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LVRG announcement--Meeting 26th Nov 96 membership List up date

Owning to unforeseen events the Membership list for the next LVRG
[London Virtual Reality Group] meeting as not been fully updated. I
suggest that if you are unsure that your name is on the full list of
attendees for the next meeting, could you have a quick look at the LVRG
members list at HTTP://dougal.derby.ac.uk/lvrg/members1.htm

If you have not got access to the world wide web I can send you this
list as a 20k text file. If you are still not on the list by tomorrow
night but want to come to the meeting then just ask for any commity
member at the door.

Notes 1: On filling out the membership form on the LVRG web site there
is a problem with Microsoft Internet explorer (I.E.). Web form will work
fine under Netscape, but with I.E. the form bring up a blank E-mail when
the send button is pressed. This is a bug with I.E. To get over this
just post me an e-mail with:

your name=
E-mail address
VR interests

And I will add you to the list.

I'm sorry for any loss of details from members.

Notes 2: The web site will be moving to a new web server which will have
the address LVRG.griffin.co.uk as a temporary measure to solve this mail
form problem CGI scripts on the server will enable any browser to post