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SENSING THE FUTURE--research at the leading edge of art andtechnology

SENSING THE FUTURE : research at the leading edge of art and technology

Arthouse Dublin 11-12 April 1997

"Sensing the Future: research at the leading edge of art and technology"
is a conference presenting the work of artists of international standing
who are involved with research at the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in the
Interactive Arts (CAiiA), University of Wales College, Newport. The
conference is convened by Roy Ascott, director of the centre. Subject to
the final availability and agreement of each speaker, the proposed
programme will consist of two full days of individual and panel sessions
with a public audience.

Friday 11 April
"Restructuring Space"

9.00-9.45 Registration
10.00-1100 Roy Ascott
11.30-1230 Victoria Vesna
2.00-3.00 Char Davies
3.00-4.00 Miroslaw Rogala
4.30-5.30 Gillian Hunt
5.45-7.00 Panel
8.00 Conference Dinner

Saturday 12 April
"Restructuring Content"

1000-1015 Roy Ascott
1015-1115 Dew Harrison
1130-1230 Joseph Nechvatal
2.00-3.00 Bill Seaman
3.00-4.00 Jonathan Bedworth
4.30-5.30 Jill Scott
5.45-7.00 Panel
9.00 Conference Dinner

Logistics: All costs of travel, hotel and living expenses of the ten
speakers will be covered by Arthouse Dublin, from the Caerleon departure
on Wednesday 9 April thru arrival in Newport on Sunday 13 April, 1997.
The funds for travel and living expenses will be transferred in advance
to the CAiiA UWCN account for subsequent disbursement as necessary.

Arthouse will provide a high level of hospitality to its guests,
including a reception at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Conference
Dinners, and a full day's tour of historical and cultural sites,
including a visit to the Newgrange neolithic site. Although no
honorarium is presently available or offered, Arthouse will make every
effort to raise funding for this purpose.

Webpages dealing with the Conference will be designed and maintained on
the Arthouse website. Arthouse will design and produce a two sheet
brochure, part of the cost of which will be borne by CAiiA. For these
purposes, speakers will be required to provide a portrait photograph, an
image of their work, a 200 word biographical note and a 200 word
description of their research.