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World AIDS DAY 96 ON THE WWW - call for activities

On 1 December, World AIDS Day 1996, ArtAIDS and WWW projects around the
world will be mailing their viewers and hosting special projects that
mark "a day without art" in cyberspace.

ArtAIDS has been operating since 1 Dec, 1994 as an ongoing Internet
project which commemorates and celebrates the fight against AIDS.

It's purpose has been to create a webspace where people can create
digital works of art that tell of their experience. It has also aimed to
enable people who would like to participate in a global project to do so
without curatorial constraints or the need to be part of a larger group.

Originally the work in ArtAIDS began as a chain of images, a play on the
notion of the virus: viewers were invited to download, modify and
respond to images on the site especially created for the project, and so
create a series of image "links." Underlying it was the theme of the
collective activity that has dominated the fight against AIDS across all

Since then the ArtAIDS site has been home to an ever extending series of
portfolios of work, often coming out of workshops with community groups
and groups of PWAs. The most recent was produced by workshops with the
Kuk club in Sarajevo.


ArtAIDS also finds funding to help artists create work for the Internet
and create space for a voice that needs to be heard. For World AIDS Day
1996, ArtAIDS is launching new projects by visual artists, performance
artists and writers. ArtAIDS is also calling for proposals for projects
from artists that will be announced in December and can be developed
over the next few months.

If you wish to propose a project, know more, or participate with your
web site mail ArtAIDS care of peter@artec.org.uk

ArtAIDS is at: