The Philosophy of Synergism Virtual Seminar

We are pleased to announce the first in a series of Virtual Seminars
by the accomplished artist, Kenneth R. Turner. A Virtual Seminar is
a professional presentation using your favorite HTML Browser on your
personal computer and accessing audio via your telephone. To
synchronize multiple sites around the world the only quesions
allowed during the Virtual Seminar are by means of an On-Line
Dialogue Page. However, all unanswered questions will be addressed
in an open question and answer period following the Virtual Seminar
presentation. The first synergism Virtual Seminar is Wednesday,
07 August 1996 at 2:00 PM CDT. You and up to 4 of your colleagues
can participate from anywhere in the world, just by having access
to the World-Wide-Web and a speaker telephone.

The title of the introductory synergism Virtual Seminar is:

1. The Philosophy of Synergism in Kenneth R. Turner's Art

Future Virtual Seminars in this series include:

2. Synergism in Art; An Historical Perspective of Major Movements;
Thursday, 29 August 1996, 2:00 PM CDT.

3. How Art Reflects the Synergism in Modern Society;
Thursday, 26 September 1996, 2:00 PM CDT.

4. Where Art has Ceased to be Synergistic by becoming a Business;
Thursday, 24 October 1996, 2:00 PM CDT.

5. Why Art is a Window to A Synergistic World;
Thursday, 21 November 1996, 2:00 PM CST.

6. How Synergistic Art Reflects the Combining of the
Intellectual and the Spiritual;
Thursday, 19 December 1996, 2:00 PM CST.

Anyone can participate by calling 1-800-272-5663, and giving the
operator a credit card number to cover your portion of the
conference call costs (at 34 cents per minute this is approximately
$20 per Virtual Seminar in the USA, or about $1.05 per minute
from London and $1.34 per minute from Auckland). Conference Call
Services will give you the specific rate for your phone call and
a Meet-Me-Code, and this number becomes your key to join the
Virtual Seminar. The number of lines available are limited, and
so we encourage you to make arrangements for participation at your
earliest possible convenience. We will make a digital recording
of the Virtual Seminar and it will be available using the same
process described above, but at about double the phone charge, for
one week following the Virtual Seminar.

With the Meet-Me-Number, you can participate by either:
(A) reviewing the presentation in real-time (or in advance) by
going to: or
(B) downloading an ELectronic DOcument (ELDO) to have a mirror
image of the HTML ELDO presentation at your site.

If you choose Option A, you risk missing some or all of the
presentation during the teleconference, because of Murphey's laws
of network problems and instability.

Guaranteed performance in bringing up Virtual Seminar materials will
occur if you have a mirror copy of the presentation HTML ELDO files
at your site. To obtain instructions on downloading Ken Turner's first
Synergy Virtual Seminar send an e-mail to prior to
4:00 PM CDT on Tuesday, 06 August 1996. The cost for obtaining the
mirrored files is $40 per seminar (or a discounted $200 for the first
set of six seminars described above) plus your portion of the
Conference Call charges. In order to have your own personal ELDO,
these funds must be received in advance, by check, Purchase Order, or
wire transfer. Depending on the number of participants, we hope to
provide a CD (Compact Disk) to all subscribers who purchase the first
six synergism Virtual Seminar ELDOs at the discounted rate.

Please send checks or Purchase Orders to:
Virtual Seminars Corporation
P.O. Box 382
Barker, TX 77413-0382
facsimile 713.579.2141
wiring instructions: TEXAS COMMERCE BANK, 712 Main Street,
Houston, TX 77002 USA
ABA #113000609, WALDEN 3-D, INC.
ACCOUNT #08100047076
or call me at 713.597-0172 or Rhonda Hartmann at 974.6907 ext. 227
with questions.

We encourage you to review the presentation materials as a way of
determining if you are interested in participating. Again the URL is Please tell your friends about this
Virtual Seminar and invite them to join around your workstation and
speaker phone for a joint participation. The material being presented
is wonderful, and it is worth the price of a book to have a your own
personal ELDO to show friends and use as the basis of discussions
with others about the Age of Synergism.

Thank you for your time and we hope you will be able to join us.

Best Regards,

H. Roice Nelson, Jr.
Virtual Seminars Corporation or

P.S. If, per chance, you are not able to attend a Virtual Seminar
at the scheduled time, remember each Virtual Seminar will be recorded
digitally, and you can get instructions on how to access the
Virtual Seminar by sending e-mail to