Virtual Worlds Within the 1996 Olympic Arts Festival

Virtual Worlds Within the 1996 Olympic Arts Festival

(Atlanta, July 31, 1996) The Olympic Arts Festival today announced the
installation on the Internet of 'Worlds Within', the three-dimensional virtual
world created by the Austrian and German artists of Van Gogh TeleVision. In
'Worlds Within', people from every country and culture can get together to
participate in the Festival and share the Olympic Spirit.

"Worlds Within visualizes the communication patterns of the Internet. It enables
the user to see and be seen, to experience and shape the virtual world in a
democratic dialogue with the cultures of the real world." said Karel Dudesek,
president and founder of Van Gogh TeleVision.

To achieve this goal, Van Gogh TeleVision developed a multifunctional,
three-dimensional system that is generated by several computers of the internet.
Users can navigate through the world, talk to each other in private conversations
or public conferences, participate in competitions or create their own artwork
using the unique 'Shared WhiteBoards'. The system will be online for the
remainder of the year, thus growing and evolving with the participation of every

In order to access 'Worlds Within' from your home, all you need is a personal
computer, an Internet connection and the browser software that you get free of
charge at the Van Gogh TV WebSite: Also available on the Web
site are the complete listing of public access points, the full description of
the project and further information about Van Gogh TeleVision.

At these ftp site's you can download the VGTV browser software for FREE !!!


East Coast:


Please remind yourself that Worlds Within is still under construction!
Thanks a lot and we hope you enjoy Worlds Within