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ISEA97 and Identity Politics

In reference to ISEA97's recently announced decision to promote
diversity, Tamas Banovich wrote:

I often have the feeling that the whole agenda of 'minority politics' is
also set up by the "man Murdoch", a good example would be the ascent of
Rev. Al Sharpton in New York. He (and his agendas?) were and are made
for and promoted by TV, the Murdoch TV.

I wonder if it is a minority issue or an issue of a small minority of
the minorities or for the minorities. (so much guilt)

Yes, I agree that the ISEA is a patronizing charity so is the Soros
Foundation, there is qualitative (and quantitative) difference between
the two though. On the other hand, in both cases it works surprisingly
similarly as the communist system did, creates a new privileged group,
selected by…

I think the idea of the open debate about the net as a new social
platform is utopian, it is a middle class dream arrogant of history. If
you listen into most of the meetings of young media people (including
some who are reading this) you mostly hear about 'business models'
'revenue projections' not minority participation and that is where the
digital media is heading and when it arrives, than you will see (through
your tears) minority penetration of the new medium. There will be no
free tickets but lot of 'coupons'.


Mike responded:

There is already "minority penetration" of the new medium. Heck, I don't
know the race of the individuals who might get this message. Nor does it
matter. There's tons of people out there on the Net and the Web who are
minorities; but you're only aware that they *are* minorities if they
make a case out of it. Otherwise, you see what they're saying, not them.
Which I thought was the idea – the transference of data.