double articulation CD release

listmembers might be interested to know that a follow-up release to last
year's _folds and rhizomes for gilles deleuze_ cd has just surfaced.
entitled _double articulation > another plateau_, it's a collection of
remixes by the artists featured on the first cd, in some cases remixing
another of the artists, in some cases remixing themselves, and in one
case remixing the entirety of the previous disc. some play is also given
in the liner notes to the relationship between the remix and deleuzean

"after having conceived 'folds and rhizomes,' the very first time we
listened to it, we had the idea of re-creating another plateau - another
little quantum sculpture called a cd - sending out lines of departure in
order to remodel the material as it appeared to us then elsewhere and in
different fashion. we asked the participants to remix among themselves
and what emerged was more engaging than anything we had imagined - oval
remixing himself, mouse on mars remixing the whole…the notion of remix
is fascinating in itself in that it offers a new vision - never
definitive - of what is, a new space where two styles interpenetrate,
two ways of doing things which, instead of canceling each other out,
reinforce each other, resulting at best in - something else."

the music is again excellent, but i also find some of the questions
raised by brief comments made by guy marc hinant (the man behind the sub
rosa label, which released both _folds and rhizomes_ and _double
articulation_) and included in the sleeve notes to be equally
fascinating, both from a biographical standpoint and in relation to
deleuze's own interest in this music:

stephan joannon: "in 'folds and rhizomes for gilles deleuze,' the groups
wanted above all to express their feelings in relation the work of
gilles deleuze and the closeness they felt towards him. the album is
more like a testimonial than a tribute. how do you manage to avoid the
official stance?"

guy marc hinant: "i am glad to be able to talk about it because it's a
long story and things came together in reather a curious fashion. at one
point, i said to myself, it's time to pronounce ourselves in relation to
deleuze because the ideas that run through his works have been of
radical importance to us from the start. i had a correspondence with him
in which we exchanged thoughts concerning music, among other things. i
sent him records on a regular basis, not just our own [sub rosa's - sc]
releases, and he talked to me about them. gradually, i had the idea of
surprising him by compiling on one disc all the musicians he preferred.
so i undertook the production [of _folds and rhizomes for gilles
deleuze_ - sc] without talking to him about it. all of this went on
throughout 1995. at the same time i became aware that many young
composers claimed to draw their inspiration from him or at least were
familiar with his thinking and affected by it (there is no better way to
be in deleuze - than to use the philosophy and draw a tangent toward
something else). oval and scanner finished their pieces in the summer;
main, david shea, and mouse on mars that autumn. i wrote the
introductory text in september. we were planning to release the album
for december. on november 5 i learned of his death on the radio.
something in me said: too late. but the testimonial is still there.
indeed it wasn't a tribute, the whole thing was conceived in life."

various artists.double articulation > another plateau
(sub rosa, sr110)

1. gilles deleuze
2. david shea remix scanner
3. scanner remix mouse on mars
4. mouse on mars remix main, oval, scanner, david shea, mouse on mars,
gilles deleuze, tobias hazan
5. tobias hazan remix main
6. main remix oval
7. oval remix oval

the album is currently available and orderable (u.s. distributor:
dutch-east india trading, in new york) through any good independent
record store. _folds and rhizomes for gilles deleuze_, the first cd, is
to my knowledge out of print (although extremely interested parties in
the us and canada can email me privately about how to get a copy).

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Deep/Young Ethereal Radio Broadcast #151:
Memorials, Articulations, Rhizomes, and Folds

Artists remixing each other in reverse chronological order, where the remix precedes the mix. Me remixing this post, talking to myself, calling over time.

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