Big Fib

It would be humorous, if it wasn't so harmful… to see how Art and Art
Movements have been routinely threaded through an insidious consortium
of 'experts,' often, those on a small island, off the eastern seaboard
of the USA… their certified kosher product and attendant imperialist
ideology and timeline are then deemed fit to be distributed to 'museum
franchises' across the country and the world… where they suck-up local
resources and obliterate differing community histories… nevertheless,
thousands of droll academicians reiterate and exonerate this imposed
history… and all the while, – here's the unimaginable irony – this
Art frequently resorts to claims of offering a _panacea_ to a
'beguiling, evil mass media!'

One promise of Net-art is its offer of simultaneous scales of reception
_and_ production, and its open threat to the established cloistered
corridors of Art Historical Fables.