+DIGITAL OBJECTS: Roxana Meechan+

RHIZOME: How would you define "new media art?"

Roxana Meechan: Conceptual Art using more than one media (where at least
one is of an electronic kind!)

R: Is there space in traditional galleries for new media work?

RM: There could be but there is not.

R: Who is making the work that is being considered "new media"?

RM: Fine Artists and researchers who have jumped into the electronic
arts wagon.

R: What is the value of new media art projects to the arts community?

RM: The arts community needs to reinvent itself all the time to motivate
and encourage others less fortunate than ourselves, specially young
people from disafected families. New media arts projects captivates,
motivates and encourages youth because new media is one of the best
tools for community arts workers. Another great tool is field work…

R: What, if anything, interests you about new media art and the
experiences it offers?

RM: As a trained organizer of international youth exchanges, new media
art interests me a lot as an instrument for multicultural expression…
As a member of new media art audiences, it captures my imagination only
when it is not constrained within a 2D screen or monitor but all
encircling…As an artist myself, it presents me with many challenges…

R: What challenges or issues need to be addressed when presenting new
media projects in traditional art spaces?

RM: Classification by themes, countries, artist's gender, artist's age,
artist's background and the chronological order of the new media art
work itself could be some of the issues to take into consideration when
curating new exhibitions.

R: Is your space presenting or planning to present any new media

RM: I am involved in teaching two optional New Media Sessions per week
to youth from disafected areas. With my help, they are planning,
designing and producing a Youthstart Interactive Electronic Newsletter
(YIEN) while learning about media, art and new technology.