OnlineTV broadcasts and other stuff I do

In correspondence with RHIZOME's Kenseth Armstead, Rick Siegel wrote:


I have a technology that lets me broadcast out to the internet without
the need to require users to download or configure anything. It
broadcasts full digital picture and high quality audio over ISDN speeds
or above. We are building a large infastructure to allow large amounts
of people to see the broadcasts. Using satellites and fiber we can get
the signal out all over the world and have done many events. Our events
schedule includes the ball drop for yahoo on new years eve, the Digital
Be-In next month in SF (will use 17 cameras).

My responsibility is to get content, help content developers get an
outlet and sponsorship for broadcast. I am looking for "art"
movies/video/shorts/features/docu/animations and live events. I am
looking to always make it more interactive and work with people to
incorporate things like that. We have robotics for cameras and can have
up to three cameras controlled in one browser window by anyone (includes
up down right left zoom in and out).

I also do sites.. tons of sites.. most recently I did the redesign for
Disney on their and I am now
working on the barnum&baily circus site. I have a division that does
web design. Also, hotstuff, which just crashed and will take a few
weeks to rebuild, is a pop culture music review multimedia magazine that
I have.

Anyway, let me know if you are interested, or the list is interested, or
friends are interested in any of this.