thoughts from the labyrinth

In reply to Ebon Fisher's "<a href="/cgi-local/query.cgi?action=grab_object&kt=kt0384">a WIGGLISM
memefesto</a>" [RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 12.27.96], Ricardo Dominguez wrote:

The fractal politics of extropian biology serves the nexus drive to
reinvent the flesh to fit pan-capital–a new bio-spritualism for virtual
labor. This zoology of the spirit is another meme production dreaming of
regaining the body in the hollows between circuits, packets, and cell

To create a visceral event one must move into spaces that place the body
at extreme risk-not as sport or aesthetics–but as resistance against
hyperwiggles of the state. The sinews of the WiggleState can mesh flesh
and steel, it can spray rivulets of screams, and loves to melt its self
in a monstrous ecstasy of the superanimal.

Transmutation is the call of the market, a click and drag Darwinism–and
the alien that refolds itself in the digital womb is a slave of rituals
under construction. This liminal hallucination keeps displaced data
wiggling for the virtual class–nothing keeps labor in its place better
than the call of social ritual and when they begin to break down–the
virtual class can always depend on cultural labor to manufacture the
needed configurations for new rituals of dependence.

What then–the alignment of singularities in incommenserable spaces that
are no longer dependent on the foundationalism of zoology or the
transcendence of digital economics. Let us gather without spirits
haunting us, without extropian desires, without exchange–potlach or
otherwise, without pluging flesh into anything, without dreams of some
other side waiting for us, without even nothing–sinthome.

some thoughts from the labyrinth.