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- EX.MECH: The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers -


Bill Seaman's

- EX.MECH: The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers -


THE EXQUISITE MECHANISM OF SHIVERS is an interactive videodisc
installation which combines poetic text fragments, modular music
segments and image sequences. The work incorporates a videodisc and
computer to facilitate the combination and re-combination of a set of
specific word / image / sound modules. Each module is presented as a
word (or words) superimposed over a related visual image, accompanied by
a musical fragment.

The viewer selects "Words" from a poetic text on a Macintosh menu. These
words function as modular linguistic sentence fragments in a
preconceived sentence template which when selected, trigger
corresponding images and sound housed on a videodisc. The computer
facilitates the instantaneous substitution of word / image / sound
segments within the sentence template structure as derived through
viewer choice. The viewer experiences the active navigation of a series
of changing poetic audio/visual sentences. The work explores pluralistic
meaning through the presentation of material in continuously changing
alternate contexts. Humor, visual puns, word / image / sound play,
modular musical composition, 'canned chance', as well as sence/nonsense
relations are all explored.