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My response to the alt.youth.media exhibit

For me youth culture means immediate expression or using media which
require little technical know how and allow a minimal budget. Maybe
that's why the fanzines are so numerous (more than 120!), engaging and

E-zines already require more technology (=money) and more know how, but
still allow informal expression, whereas producing a CD-ROM e.g. is more
an obstacle than an adaquate form of expression, especially considering
the speed and aestetics young people are used to.

When I am thinking of youth culture I am thinking of music and of
fashion. No one of these has been taken into consideration. Of course
not, it would have been a different show understanding media in an
extended sense. Nevertheless, this show makes clear that the majority of
young people do not (maybe yet) use new media in the way the curator had

And the minority of really creative, hacking and programming youngsters
(who I would more associate with "alt.youth.media") are not being
represented in the museum.

Guess why?