"New technological interfaces for the creation and perception of works of
Symposium for the presentation of the Museum of Pure Form (

Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporaneo CGAC de Santiago de Compostela - SPAIN

22, 23, 24 January, 2004

Speakers: Antunez, Massimo Bergamasco, Roberta Bosco, Antonio Frisoli, Claudia Giannetti, Gunnar Jansson, Ken Rinaldo, Stelarc.

Thursday, January 22
16:00 h. Presentation of the conference cycle coordinated by Roberta
Bosco and Stefano Caldana, both journalists specialised in digital art and culture. They have been working together since 1988 on subjects related to
digital art and culture for Ciberp@is and other sections of the daily
newspaper, El Pais. They have given many lectures and presentations of
artists as well as being participants in debates and members of panels of
judges. They have also written texts for catalogues dealing with the
development of digital art and new, contemporary artistic expression.

17:00 h. Museum of Pure Form: aspirations and applications of the
project. Massimo Bergamasco and Antonio Frisoli.
Massimo Bergamasco. Professor of Applied Mechanics at the School of
Experimental Sciences of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa (Italy),
where he teaches courses such as Mechanics of Robots and Virtual
Environment Technologies. He is investigating the development of haptic
interfaces for the interaction between humans and virtual environments. He
is the author of over 130 publications on this subject. His most recent
research deals with the cultural heritage and the application of the new
technologies in the artistic field.
Antonio Frisoli. Holds a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
from the University of Paris, 1998 and Doctorate from the Scuola Supperiore
Sant'Anna. His research centres on kinematics, robotics and haptic
interfaces. He has written several publications on robotics.

20:00 h. Antunez. He is a founding member of La Fura dels
Baus. He has participated as an actor, musician and artistic coordinator in
a number of different performances, actions and interactive installations.
In March, 2003 he was one of the seven European artists chosen to
experiment with the training equipment of the astronauts in the City of the
Stars in Moscow of the MIR project.

Friday, January 23
11:00 h. Experiments with haptic applications. Breakthroughs. Gunnar
Jansson. Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Uppsala,
Sweden. In the last few decades, his research has focused on haptic
perception, particularly the potential of the hands as a replacement for
sight in handicapped persons. He has published around 70 articles in books
and scientific journals and is co-editor of a book on the theory of visual
perception and author of numerous studies associated with international

16:00 h. Claudia Gianetti. Director of MECAD/Media Centre d'Art i
Disseny d'ESDI. Specialised in Media Art. Awarded a Doctorate in Aesthetics
from the University of Barcelona, she was the director of the Associacio de
Cultura Contemporanea L'Angelot in Barcelona, the first exhibition space in
Spain to specialise in electronic art.

18:00 h. Stelarc. Performance artist who explores the concept of the
body and how it relates to technology through interfaces that connect the
machine and the body, incorporating medical instruments, prostheses,
virtual reality systems and the Internet. She performed with a third hand,
a virtual arm and put her body to the test, both acoustically and visually,
by amplifying the sound of her brain waves, blood flow, the movement of her
muscles and by filming the inside of her body.

Saturday, January 24
11:00 h. Ken Rinaldo. An interdisciplinary artist who works with
robotic installation in search of the intersection and synthesis of our
natural and technological culture. He is currently a professor who directs
the program of Art and Technology at Ohio State University.

12.30 h. Debate.

Night. Performance: Dedalo by Antunez at Sala Nasa, Santiago de Compostela. SPAIN.