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MANIK have 'art'/'techne' works with *subject*-war, Hiroshima…See =
http://tiija.blogspot.com /MANIK for beginners part/

Problem is with people who talk with always same enthusiasm political =
correct opinion about everything.

I'm sick of those people. Unfortunately Eric's one of them. I can't =
stand idle old people who vampire like thievish=20

my time. That's why we don't go on *openings*.There's obligation and =
part of social skill to listen prattle from=20

"vise "old people. I'm not young anymore and today is day to shout:"Move =
from me bloodsucker!";-)

Best wishes


—– Original Message —–=20
From: nannykitachen=20
To: handsproje@gmail.com ; manik=20
Sent: Monday, December 24, 2007 3:57 PM

Manik, my mails seems to have sent you three times..again trouble in my =
account, sorry

nannykitachen <handsproje@gmail.com> wrote:
manik, one can not tell war, memory,hiroshima etc…suddenly they'll =
shift all the things personal gossips
shit, i dont know what kind of research i should do… suddenly, they =
find tiny thing to shift to other subjects and personal issues…

if this goes on, i will go to a lawyer for assaults…i dont have =
freedom of thinking and/or investigating on any subject

manik <manik@sbb.co.yu> wrote:
Eric wrote:
~well I think there is a deep history here, going back to the 50's, =
cold war and domain rights.
I'll be happiest man if I could be so simpleminded in my nineties as =
Eric. Fact that somebody has over eighty doesn't mean that he can make =
so stupid texts. For Eric history begin with his puberty.I'm afraid that =
this history could be finished with his piss in pants which could be =
good sign that his enlighten is close. For comfort that's what we all =
going to 'experience'. So-"deep "history begin in 50's (?!?)IMHO this =
history is 'older', at least few hundred thousand years. But if we =
insist on history considered Kosovo that could be in =
Which is not so bad source of facts considered this particularly =
area."Well" I must say history of Kosovo starts more before 50's! =20

~That same history of fear from the west shows up in all the actions =
taken by western ~governments to this day.
Fear from West actions start far deeper than you say: so many =
colonial examples of west interference, exploitation and crime over =
large number of people in different countries all over the world lie =
deep in history, hundreds years deeper than Eric can show.
~What began as a genuine fear of the east evolved, after many =
permutations, into the miasma we ~now find ourselves in?
Who caused that 'miasma'-evolved of east? I don't understand that. =
Is that mean that fear start with showing east from nothing (ex nihilo) =
with weapon? It wasn't fear before that? Even in countries under 'West' =
colonial occupation?'Well? I didn't know that. But for help: =

~The west and those who make policy are genuine in their beliefs. =
But these beliefs are based on ~direct extrapolations from the cold war =
mind set. That mind set was probably right when they ~could see armed =
ICBM's aimed at this territories.
When you said that west was genuine in their beliefs, I must ask you =
who wouldn't be in that circumstances where so many peoples life, =
material goods and other validity vere in game?'Cold War' =
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_War in Europe (that we can clearly see =
from your presentation) was somehow excuse with fact that other (East) =
side was armed (!)But, it was II World War several years before! All =
countries including former Yugoslavia were armed, even Russia was armed =
after defending Hitler with twenty billion victims (civils and =
soldiers).What did you wait Russian throw weapon in bushes and watch =
American fuck old Europe.No, you are stupid, but not so much. You are =
exponent of cold war ideology, you still cry in your rich home over that =
happy time. You know what? It's 'cold war' again.Don't wory, be happy. =
You could enjoy your last days in 'fucking living memories', as many of =
your like-minded friends.=20

~30-40 years later the same mind set is at the helm, yet the reason =
for the fear has long since ~faded. As the fear evolved it embraced =
anti-Cuban, anti-Cypriot, anti-Vietnamese, anti-Libyan, ~anti-Angolan, =
anti-Egyptian, anti-Chilean, anti-Sandista, anti-Palestinian, and =
eventually any ~voice that emmitted a complaint against the west.
I don't understand how came together in one sentence =
Vietnam,Cuba,Chile,Libya.who were attacked by USA and =
Cyprus,Egipt,Palestin,Angola who were attacked by other forces. Are they =
all the same in crime. You try to present USA as one of many small world =
criminals who doing nasty thing in their area. But, no dude! USA is =
biggest murder in all fucking world and even you can't hide them behind =
your stupidity.=20

~As the sentiment evolved western corporate thinking embraced the =
tactic in order to further ~capital generating methods.
Loki,loki! =
First 50 years, than nothing, than suddenly we are witnesses of so =
many antis.What's that? You have decided to become honest man. But what =
shall we doo with root of cold war? Who was in all those countries you =
list.Rusia?No,its despair after Berlin wall fal.So,USA was only one =
world power who caused all trouble in last 20 years.Why didn't you tell =
that laud and clear? Is that something you want to hide? Even if you =
wish you can't. It's too late. So(well)"Main Subject"(term by Habermas ) =
- USA, caused all wars, disasters, human catastrophe in whole world in =
last twenty years including civil war in former Yugoslavia. Dude!
And.Yes.Suddenly we are faced with corporate thinking. How's that? =
Your mind goes up and down, you are not careful with your expalanation, =
it doesn't concern you to much and you want to confuse people with few =
at random chosen facts, irrelevant for subject of examination, Just to =
say something, to look clever to crowd.How pathetic.Shame on you old =

~So where are we today?
Where are you today? I'm in prison. Your "West "put me in, with =
expensive visas inspire song about freedom and open world(only one from =
teen visas they approve, but we must pay 100$ doesn't meter we get one =
or not).I'm in country where group fault like stamp note every man, =
woman and child…Inspire Hague and *West* tirade about individual =
guilt.More than 85% prisoners in Hague are Serbs, and your 'west' kill =
them before verdict because I suppose west is in great fear to see his =
own guilt in case if they let them free. West caused death of my =
parents,friends,relative because all they do is under general idea about =
western supremacy, which is, that even you should know, was one of =
center of Nazi/Fascist ideology. It was too hard to stand for people in =
not so deep old but seek of injustice (mother and father were under =
70).West broke they harts, they couldn't stand injustice 'west'serv them =
every day. West is murder (I remember Paul Celan verses:"Death is Master =
from Germany.)
So, where-to-fuck are you?=20
~After years of this mind set evolving, America is at the brink of =
bankruptcy and still pondering ~whether to invade Iran. Corporations =
(western) who have a huge stokehold in continuing this ~mind set are =
selling the ideas on the street and in the marketplace.=20
How touching!

~Kosovo is tragedy, as is Iraq and dozens of other states.
No, Eric! Kosovo is specific tragedy, with its own history, reasons, =
people, and death and live. Kosovo is much more than tragedy for me, so =
please don't shit me about it. Iraq is mega tragedy concerning numbers =
of death, but both is under new order who was established in past twenty =
years under USA world monopol.Now is different and I personally even =
won't try to hide my pleasure with rising Russia and China power. In =
short USA is going to be propriety like before II World War (when you =
were young and your mind in one place, in your head I mean). =20
~There isn't a good excuse for either. But given the toxic nature of =
the old style corporate ~environment don't expect too much. New =
technologies will render the old guard impotent ~eventually. See Toyota =
trumping GM and at least smile to yourself. Toyota, corporate Giant, =
~could care less about the trials and tribulations of the US based Oil =
monopoly. They intend to ~outlive them all.
~As China and India become economic powers things like Iraq and =
Serbia will fall into historic ~oblivion.
No shit!?For you and people like you they're already in =
oblivation.Don't try to hard to write about issue you don't understand. =
It's abusive for people who live in area you mentioned, and especially =
for people who know better about specific subject than you do.
And Serbia and Iraq are not things. Layers of terror and disaster =
lie under this"thing", my life's there. So don't shit me about my life.
"Ever philosophers think about death and how to die."I'm bit =
philosopher. Are you? =20

~There is no Domain at stake for the new economic giants in these =
far flung provinces.=20
~Well, happy holidays.=20
~Don't worry…, be happy.
Eat your turkey and try not to be so clever in every segment of =
life. You seem to me pretty in dementia? ;-)
Happy holydays to people with good will and goodness in hart.

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Eric Dymond Dec. 27 2007 00:00Reply

Manik, you completely misread English. Everyone on the list is so forgiving of your use of the language but I'm not.Do you use Google or Babelfish to translate these posts?
Your response makes no sense to me given the broad brush that was used at the outset.
Please, find a good interpreter.
I never mentioned the US, and by the way.., what is a philosopher doing in this age? Let me guess…, pondering the meaning of life, love and inequality.
Broad strokes evoke broadly interpreted responses, but you are on another planet on this rebuttal.
Please, send your responses in your native tongue, and I will use a language translated to interpret your post.
Allowing me the same clarity that you exhibit.
And old…, man …, your 3 yrs older than me!