SECOND FRONT'S Art Basel Miami Vice @ Miami

Press Release:

Second Front's

Art Basel Miami Vice

Dec. 6, 2007, 3:30 PM PST/SLT

In conjunction with

Gosia Koscielak Gallery @ Miami, NOW Art Fair
TELECULTURE: Dreams at the Epicenter @ Zones Art Fair

The Atlantic Basin Project, RCA Gallery., St. John's Newfoundland Canada


Press Contact:

Patrick Lichty, Second Front

Second Front Blog:

To commemorate the arrival of Second Life-based performance to the
shows surrounding Art Basel Miami, SL's first performance art
collective, Second front, are creating an event entitled "Art Basel
Miami Vice" This work is in conjunction with the TeleCultures
exhibition, curated by Jillian MacDonald and presented by Lee
Wells/PAM at Zones, Second Front works presented by Gosia Koscielak
Gallery, as well as live projections at the Atlantic Basin Project
and at The Project Room, Columbia College Chicago.


Recent successes have catapulted Second Front tot he heights of the
virtual art world. And, in coming to Art Basel Miami, SF has fallen
in with the proper scene of art-world decadence. Hovering limos,
pastel suits, .45 caliber pistols, seas of virtual coke and sexual
peccadillos with flocks of ostriches invade Miami nightlife. Will SF
fall in with virtual Colombian drug cartels? Will they even sell a
painting? And what about the Ostriches?

Art Basel Miami Vice is an expose of the Miami art world underground
nightlife with all its drama, danger, and wildlife.

Thanks to all of the sponsoring institutions for making the piece
possible, and check the Second Front Blog around Christmas for more