new technology and art today

multi media arts can also be regarded as multi media net arts…
what criterions will move forward in this line, but multi media arts need
to be regarded as a life style now and as total art. live music will be o.k like any selection of new music, genuine, experimental and with new aesthetics, and maybe exceptional nostalgic selections of music to be added to the multimedia event of yours on line… these are the suggestions for multi media art animations concepts, to size up them to more less mechanical, personal, experimental and human criterions… personally i give preset inclinations to random awkwardnesses, mistakes, try outs at nearly equal percentages with other artistic, inventive, experienced skills and rare concepts… therefore multimedia technologies realize a good deal of encounters to fill-in into their unavoidable exclusivenesses…

today, as a further present fact of life and a cyberspace situation, net arts stand out at an exact comparable situation when compared next to multimedia artistic accidental dilemmas

personally, throughout personal experiences i use mostly visuals, that are produced with non-digital processes in spite of their most digital looking aspects even though they are also in creative repetitive digital animations at occasional selective personal odd rhythms… also a lack of personal practical adroitnesses about complete dominance of net technology smartest controls is really making smoother paced indeeds… some constant and careful researches how to add full jazz or very good selected music is personally growing up, but not finalized yet -indeed,
really not even started yet either… however i am updating my url always personally and so on… therefore forums in my url will also be a revival of classical cricism dialogues

my above statements are just random alternative and selective criterions to be seriously considered for discussions and counterstatements on net art -which is not being very precisely and successfully defined so far- and on multi media arts vs multi media technology dialectics
so on these contraversies all your ideas being e-mailed to newmediakitchen forums -when, these forums will be hopefully created-

now, computer art works like images, animations, tabloids etc, in cds and in cd based pc environments and systems are also very exciting, new, experimental possibilities yet to be better acknowledged soon.