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The Helloworld Project

The Helloworld Project / Johannes Gees
An invitation to take control of public space with the power of words.

December 9-12, 2003,
Mumbai - Geneva - Rio de Janeiro - New York

The Helloworld Project is a global interactive text installation
combining language, landscapes and communication technology to create a
visual dialogue. From December 9-12, 2003, you will be invited to send
in messages, either by sending an SMS to a dedicated number or by going
to www.helloworldproject.com.

These messages will be projected onto mountains and buildings in Geneva,
Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro and New York . Video images of the projections
will be broadcast live on the project website and at the World Summit
on the Information Society in Geneva. The Helloworld Project is a
collaborative happening, an invitation to take control of public space
with the power of words.

How to participate in "The Helloworld Project"?

As an online news journal or gateway:
- Feature The Helloworld Project on your website and invite your
readers to participate in this global collaborative experience between
December 9 - 12, 2003
- Feature The Helloworld Project as a link on your website
>> Contact anisha@johannesgees.com for details

As a public art space / media lab / institution:
- Create public access to "The Helloworld Project" by putting the
projects webpage on your public screens, thus providing your visitors
access to the project.
>> Contact anisha@johannesgees.com for more details.

As an individual:
- Visit www.hellworldproject.com between December 9 and 12, 2003, and
enter your message!
- Subscribe to our newsletter on http://www.helloworldproject.com. You
will receive a reminder by email when the projectors go online.