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Digital Expressions

New York Dance & Arts Innovations presents "Digital Expressions", a group exhibition of emerging digital artists and designers from the United States, Europe, and Asia. This exhibition explores the intersection of interaction, expression and technology.

Digital technology is a powerful, yet vastly unexplored artistic medium. It allows us to encounter new and dynamic interfaces, empowers us to create unexpected forms of expression, and offers us a collaborative partner in creating a seemingly infinite set of computational experiences. The experimental works in this exhibition couple interactivity with an exploration of technology as a means for artistic expression.

Participating artists: Przemyslaw Moskal, Edward Tang, Daniel Shiffman, Orrawadee Vilaitanarak, Stephan Knuesel, Kanae Ito, James Clar.

November 13 thru 15, 2003 Galapagos Art Space 70 N 6th St. Brooklyn
website: http://www.laksom.com/galapagosshow/index.html