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The University of Texas at Austin is hosting a big international conference on globalization - Global Fusion 2003 http://www.globalfusion.siu.edu/

I'm the presenter/curator in a showcase/workshop with unusual characteristics if you think this is an event mostly aimed at global media studies folks… The title is "Borderland / Potatoland*: At the Nexus of Technology (net.)Art and Media Activism" and its purpose is to raise the awareness of "information visualization strategies and tools that are working to dissolve the barriers between technology, art and media activism".

There'll be a time/space for the audience to explore some web work related to this topic, which will be followed by a discussion of these works, where a tentative synthesis of trends in emerging work on the borders of art, tech and "cultural geography" will be drawn (if i must use 1 label for what's below…)

Please let me know if you'd like your site to be featured in this event. Any work on globalization… - the borderland (a la Gomez Pena / Pepon Osorio…) cultural diaspora (a la Carlo Zanni…), artistic approaches to remote sensors and GIS, conceptual approaches to cartography (a la Bill Outcault/Lilla Locurto…), etc. are most welcome.

Thanks in advance
Ana Boa-Ventura
Radio-TV-Film Dept. - University of Texas at Austin