China: A New Book on Internet Art and A Planned Conference on New Media

A new book on new media art appeared in China last December. It is my monography under the title of On Internet Art, published by Press of Culture & Art, Beijing. I would like to express my gratitude to Ms. Rachel Greene and Dr.Julian Stallabrass, for their relevant books have given inspiration to me. I am also grateful to, for it provides me with many excellent examples.
My new book is written in Chinese. Therefore, I think it is not so easy to sharing it with members of Is anyone interested in it? Please contact me (
I hope that we have the chance to exchange ideas face to face. I am going to organize an international conference and exhibition on new media art in Xiamen in October 2008. Welcome to our city!
(Xiamen is a famous port city on China’s southeast coast, easily accessible by train, coach, ship and plane. It is the global winner in 2004 of “UNCHS Human Settlement Award”)