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It came to my attention that the URL of Hz I sent out earlier has
accidentally picked up the period at the end of the sentence and the
linkis not working. The URL should be: http://www.hz-journal.org as
stated at the end of the original message. Sorry about this. Below
you can find the message and how it should have been read.



The new issue of Hz is now out at http://www.hz-journal.org

In this issue Hz presents the following articles:
The Aesthetics of Failure: "Post-Digital" Tendencies in Contemporary
Computer Music by Kim Cascone
Virtual Memorial : A Memorial As A Process- A Model Of The World by
Agricola de Cologne
Notes on Critical Black U.S. Performance Art and Artists by Clifford

The Edge of Artlessness: The video reflection, snap-shot, family and
self-portraiture; and almost losing it all by Jim Jeffers
(in Swedish) Industrimusiken - Fran elektronisk pornografi till
ockultism by Guido Zeccola

Hz Net Gallery presents the following 5 net art works:
confrontation by Annie Abraham & Clement Charmet
Twice-told Tales by Nicholas Economos
Hidden by Isabel Saij
Solenoides by Tamara Lai
Stop Motion Studies by David Crawford

Hz is a web journal published by Fylkingen in Stockholm. Fylkingen is

a non-profit art organization, established in 1933, the oldest forum
for experimental music and intermedia art in Sweden. Throughout its
history Fylkingen has been the driving force in the Swedish art scene
to introduce and promote unestablished art forms, the examples of which

include the music of Bartok and the video works of Nam June Paik as
well as electro-acoustic music during the '50s. Our members today
consist of leading composers/musicians, performance artists/dancers,
visual artists, etc..

Hz will be accepting submissions of articles and net art works for the

next number, due to be out in March/April 2004.
We are interested in
previously published or unpublished on the topic of new media/net
art/digital music between 800 and 4000 words (preferably more than
1000 words) in English in RTF or word format. Plese send in your
article as an attachment to hz@fylkingen.se, subject: article
Net Art:
interactive only. Please submit your URL, brief description of the
work and short bio (or URL of your CV site) to hz@fylkingen.se,
subject: net art submission.

Hz: http://www.hz-journal.org
Hz Net Gallery: http://www.hz-journal.org/netg
Fylkingen: http://www.fylkingen.se