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Perfectly Real- digital models exhibition

Perfectly Real– women in bits and bytes
Watermans Gallery and theatre foyer
18th October- 11 november 03
artist talk: wed 5th nov 4pm
guided tour: sat 8th nov 12 noon

If you could design a woman what would she look like? How realistic can a 3D image of a woman be? Judge for yourself at this life-like exhibition of colourful imagery, in conjunction with publishers TASCHEN, focusing on computer graphics and animation of the female form. See the process involved in making a virtual women, from the initial sketch to the software used. 3D modeling is somewhat akin to traditional sculpture- animators build a wire frame of the body parts and then apply layers of skin, clothing, hair and other features. In an age in which virtual characters are being copyrighted, you should get acquainted with the "people" you'll be coming across in the future on TV and film; like Steven Stahlberg's Webbie Tookay, the first virtual model to sign with Elite Digital Models Agency.

40 High St

w: www.watermans.org.uk
Box office: +44 (0)208 232 1010