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> From: Tomislav Medak <to-me@mi2.hr>
> Date: April 17, 2007 10:56:25 PM GMT+01:00
> To: icommons@lists.ibiblio.org
> Subject: [Icommons] iCommons Summit film screenings: call for
> suggestions
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> Dear commons community,
> The iCommons Summit in Dubrovnik will be intensively involving
> creators
> and presenting artworks. Through the hosting of Summit events, such as
> the Artists in Residence programme, iCommons, and Summit hosts, Mi2,
> have focused on involving creators, artists and musicians from various
> backgrounds, in the commons discussions at the annual iSummit. In the
> iSummit schedule (for draft programme see:
> http://wiki.icommons.org/index.php/Draft\_programme) we have assigned
> time around the official conference schedule for creating art or
> showcasing musical talent, and performances. And even our venues
> Lazareti and Revelin, offer facilities that suit for hosting
> exhibitions, concerts and film screenings.
> Yet another feature of this year's iCommons Summit will be the
> film-screening event, to be held on the evening of 14 June. We are
> looking for films that are either CC-licensed free culture works, or
> challenge the boundaries of copyright law. Priority will be given to
> recent releases or works that are yet to be premiered. Due to the
> limited screening time we have available, we will not be screening
> films
> longer than an hour.
> We invite you to suggest films or videos that fit the above criteria,
> and that you would like to see screened at the iSummit. If you're a
> filmmaker yourself, feel encouraged to propose your own work. Add your
> suggestions to the iCommons wiki at
> http://wiki.icommons.org/index.php/
> Evening\_programme#Film\_screenings\_-\_Call\_for\_suggestions
> Please note that the total screening time is two hours, and we will
> only
> be able to screen works in digital formats from a computer or DVD
> player.
> The deadline to add suggestions to the wiki page is Saturday 29 April.
> The selection of the films to be screened at the event will take place
> as a public discussion on our IRC channel (#icommons), on the freenode
> IRC server (irc.freenode.net) at 16:00 GMT on Saturday 4 May.
> If you're inexperienced with using IRC or having problems finding your
> way around, drop me an email.
> Tomislav Medak
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