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This Friday: "Interchange", Interactive Performance & Installation

"INTERCHANGE": An Evening of Interactive Performance & Installation
September 26, 2003

New Work and Collaborations featuring Audience Interactivity, Participation & Contribution

// Who: //
Southern California established and emerging sound artists, musicians, and video artists presenting new work and new collaborations. Curated by D. Jean Hester.

Performances by: (*denotes a new collaboration formed especially for this event)
__*Akira Rabelais & Rise Industries (Jeremy Quinn & Michele Jaquis)
__*Josh Russell, Civyiu Kkliu, Ilya Monosov & D. Jean Hester
__Adam Overton

Installations by:
__Glenn Bach
__D. Jean Hester

// What: //
An evening of interactive music/sound/video performances and installations. This show challenges the notion that art and performance are things to be merely watched by an audience. Instead, the audience plays a vital role in the event. Each work engages the audience to interact, participate or contribute to the creation and experience of the art.

// When: //
Friday, September 26, 2003
Doors open at 7:30
Performances begin at 8:00
Installations can be viewed before and after the performances, and during intermission.

// Tickets: //
$10 / $5 with valid Student ID
Tickets available at the door.

// Where://
Melrose Light Space
7600 Melrose Blvd., Los Angeles
Building located at the southwest corner of Melrose & Curson.
Venue is located upstairs, and in the back. Follow the signs.
Map: http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?ed=KSMjeOp_0TofP61bE0DJPw4oZnWX&csz=los+angeles+ca&country=us

// For More Info: //
Contact the Curator: D. Jean Hester interchange@divestudio.org

– D. Jean Hester
Interviewer: "Must an artist be a programmer to make truly original online art?"
John Simon: "Truly original? You Modernist! Whether you make art or not, understanding programming is an amazing understanding."
from "Code as Creative Writing: An Interview with John Simon"