Pre/amble : A Two Day Festival of Art and Psychogeography

November 1 - 2, 2003

Pre/amble is a two day festival of art and psychogeography which takes as a starting point the exploration of the city, an interest in dialogue surrounding methods of psychogeography, and the intersection of psychogeography with contemporary art practices.

Pre/amble is focused on presenting work and ideas through talks and lectures as well as creating a forum for the presentation of artworks that take place in the space of the city. Events will therefore be centered around two modes of presentation:

1 // T A L K S:
Artists and researchers will give presentations about past works, works in progress, or works that will be included in the event portion of Pre/amble, from a broad range of media and subject matter including but not limited to mapping, mobile technologies, digital/analogue hybrids, experimental cartography, data movement, moblogging, WiFi, warchalking/wardriving, interventions in public space, audio works, or other fields of art as they intersect with situationist action and/or psychogeography.

2 // W A L K S :
Artists and researchers will present works that engage participants in projects or experiments that take place in public urban spaces, whether performative events, derives, fieldwork, tours, audio installations, participatory actions, GPS drawing, generative and/or algorithmic walks, or other kinds of events as they intersect with situationist action and/or psychogeography.

Projects may fall into one or both of these categories. Please send project proposals to until October 12, 2003.

Pre/amble is presented by Upgrade 2.0, Special Airplane, and the Western Front Artist Run Centre.

Pre/amble will take place November 1