Re: CALL FOR VIDEOS @ City Without Walls

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 6, 2006, 5:32 p.m.

Hi Folks,

One clarification. There is no "entrance fee" just a required annual membership donation, just like rhizome has for posting here, which provides a variety of benefits, including being able to upload materials for opportunities such as being considered for this and other shows.

Thanks for spreading the word Lee! I'm so excited about 1800Frames|Take3, curated by Mica Scalin and Lee Wells!


Ben Goldman
cWOW Executive Director

LEE WELLS wrote:

> Hi Rhizome:
> Mica Scalin of DVBlog and I have been invited to co-curate an upcoming
> video
> show at City Without Walls in Newark, New Jersey. CWOW is a cool
> non-profit
> space that is looking to become the place in New Jersey to go for new
> media.
> Unlike most of the shows that I put together there is an entrance fee
> but
> know it will be going to a good cause and that both Mica and I have
> agreed
> to volunteer to help organize this for them.
> In addition to a great exhibition they will also be putting together a
> limited edition DVD and have plans to tour the exhibition.
> I encourage you all to submit.
> Cheers,
> Lee
> —-
> CALL FOR VIDEOS @ City Without Walls
> exhibition | 1800FRAMES/TAKE3
> City Without Walls (cWOW) presents 1800FRAMES/TAKE3, our third annual
> one-minute video program exhibiting contemporary ideas through the use
> of
> video technology.
> curators | MICA SCALIN + LEE WELLS
> Mica Scalin is co-founder of The Public Address Network
> (, an
> editor at, and Online Media Marketing Manager at Showtime
> Networks Inc. Lee Wells is co-founder of Perpetual Art Machine
> (, director/co-founder of the
> International Fine
> Arts Consortium (IFAC) and Cinema-scope curator for the Scope
> international
> art fairs ( Both are widely exhibited,
> award-winning
> video artists.
> eligibility | MEMBERS ONLY
> To be considered for the exhibition, you must join cWOW by October 17,
> 2006
> as an artist member with a minimum annual donation of $35 for
> individual
> members or $25 for students and seniors. As an artist member, your
> work will
> be part of our registry, and will be reviewed by every curator for
> every
> show that takes place within one year of joining. Your chances of
> being
> selected for a show are better than 50% (though never guaranteed,
> because of
> our independent curatorial process). This process ensures high-
> quality,
> independent selection, while also building our membership base,
> providing
> crucial support for programming such as this. Your donations are
> tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Artist registry
> materials,
> including images, videos, and more, can now be uploaded to our website
> after
> joining, and will soon be available for public viewing. See other
> member
> benefits and join online at
> works accepted | ONE-MINUTE VIDEOS ONLY
> All artists are invited to submit a video project of any genre no
> longer
> than 1 minute including title and credits. All work must have been
> completed
> in the past three years.
> submission process | ONLINE ONLY
> Artists can upload their entries at after joining cWOW.
> You can
> submit up to five (5) independent, non-commercial videos no longer
> than one
> (1) minute including title and credits in Quicktime or WindowsMedia
> file
> format, as well as a resume, 150-word statement, and video data such
> as
> title, date, duration, description, etc. You may also upload
> additional
> materials for the registry.
> deadline | 5PM OCTOBER 17, 2006
> Must include complete online application and receipt of membership
> donation
> (online or by mail).
> Exhibition dates: Dec 7, 2006 ? Jan 11, 2007. Reception: Dec 14, 2006.
> Videos will be screened at cWOW, New Jersey's oldest alternative art
> space,
> now located in a 2,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility in
> downtown
> Newark, with a main gallery, project room, 9-foot screen, several
> flat-screen TVs, and other video projection equipment. Selected works
> will
> also be exhibited online at, screened at other venues,
> and will
> be made available as a tax-deductible, limited-edition premium
> compilation
> disc to support cWOW. cWOW is a not-for-profit urban gallery for
> emerging
> art that advances the careers of artists while building the audience
> for
> contemporary art. cWOW is a three-time recipient of the prestigious NJ
> State
> Council on the Arts "Citation of Excellence."
> For more information please feel free to contact:
> William A. Ortega,?
> Gallery / Education Director
> city without walls
> 6 Crawford Street, Newark, NJ 07102-5311?
> Tel.?973.622.1188? ? ?Fax. 973.622.2941