Research Assistant Positions / MFA Program - UIUC

starting Fall Semester 2007

Departments of Computer Science, Art/Design
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Research Assistants sought for new interdisciplinary research project at
the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Earn an MFA in Studio Art
with a New Media emphasis while contributing to a new NSF-funded
research effort.

In addition to producing their own work, accepted applicants will
contribute to the Science of Design project, based in the Department of
Computer Science and led by Assistant Professors Brian Bailey (Computer
Science) and Kevin Hamilton (Studio Art). This project seeks to develop
new tools for use in the early stages of design for interactive media,
with a special emphasis on collaborative work.

Students with backgrounds and undergraduate degrees in art or design are
invited to apply. Experience with interactive forms or media is desired.
Applicants should be interested in working alongside researchers and
other students from Computer Science / HCI, and in contributing to
projects for both art and science outlets and discourses.

Students will receive a stipend, tuition waiver, office space and a
computer for use during their time as a student. Work will involve
research, construction and administration of user-tests, collaborative
design work, archiving and writing for papers and grants, among other
possible tasks.

If interested, contact Kevin Hamilton ( for more
information about this opportunity. For more on the MFA Studio Art
Program at UIUC, please see information below.




Students admitted to concentrations in Painting, Sculpture, and New
Media share a common curriculum consisting of weekly individual
critiques, quarterly group critiques, and themed seminars and electives
in theory and practice from around the University. Coincident (and
occasionally overlapping) areas of graduate study include Photography,
Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Art History, Art Education and
Jewelry/Metals. Regular critiques by faculty are complemented by
bi-annual guest critics, an official visiting artist series, guest
curators and artists at the Krannert Art Museum, and artists invited by
the MFA students through the Art Graduate Student Organization.

The program emphasizes development of individual or collaborative
practice in preparation for careers in a wide variety of cultural
contexts, including gallery practice, university research/education,
public or community-based work, curation, performance or activism. As a
tier-one research university, UIUC offers a climate of rigorous
production and inquiry by nationally and internationally recognized
faculty and students. Frequent research and education partners for the
School of Art and Design include Landscape Architecture, Computer
Science, English/Creative Writing, Theater, Music, the Krannert Art
Museum and the Institute for Communication Research. MFA students may
take classes in any campus unit.

Applicants are invited from a variety of backgrounds, preferably but not
exclusively with B.A. or B.F.A. degrees in the fine arts. Successful MFA
students at UIUC are typically motivated, independent, and interested in
contextualizing their traditional and non-traditional practices within
an environment of rigorous interdisciplinary critique. Opportunities
for extra-curricular exchange and critique exist through on-campus
partnerships and fellowships with the Illinois Program for Research in
the Humanities, the Center for Advanced Study, the Center for Democracy
in a Multiracial Society, and the Beckman Institute.

Immediate opportunities for exhibition and curation exist through the
campus' Krannert Art Museum, I-Space gallery in Chicago, and Ninth
Letter literary magazine. Champaign-Urbana also hosts such venues as the
Springer Cultural Center, the Independent Media Center, and the
independent, student-initiated Open Source gallery. Chicago,
Indianapolis, and St. Louis are within a 2.5-hr driving radius, offering
destinations for gallery-openings, symposia, permanent art collections,
concerts and touring exhibitions. UIUC faculty are particularly
represented in Chicago galleries; some base their studios there, as well.

Tuition waivers are available to almost all students through Fellowships
and paid positions as Teaching or Research Assistants. Teaching
Assistants teach independently for as much as two years of their time at
UIUC. Research Assistantships are currently available for students with
New/Digital Media or HCI experience, in cooperation with the Department
of Computer Science.

Each student is given a studio and 24-hour access to the School's many
production facilities. Shops for traditional materials (metal, wood,
glass, ceramics) are complemented by the School's computer labs (Mac +
PC), digital output labs (digital printers, laser cutter, 3-D printer),
and equipment pool (consumer and professional-grade audio and video).

Applications are available at Deadline
January 1.

For inquiries, please contact a faculty member.

*FACULTY in Painting, Sculpture, New Media*

Conrad Bakker -
Nan Goggin
Ryan Griffis -
Kevin Hamilton -
Laurie Hogin -
Barbara Kendrick
Tim Van Laar -
Melissa Pokorny -
Anthony Ptak -
Joel Ross -
Rosalyn Schwartz -
Joseph Squier -
Deke Weaver -


Alice Aycock
Jane Benson
Chakaia Booker
Stephanie Brooks
Bill Brown (filmmaker)
Nao Bustamante
Jim Campbell
Center for Tactical Magic
Nicolas Collins
Joshua Davis
Kelly Dobson
Jim Finn
Andy Friedman
Hamish Fulton
Sam Gould (Red 76)
Tana Hargest
Institute for Applied Autonomy
Basia Irland
Ilya and Emilya Kabakov
Steve Kurtz (Critical Art Ensemble)
William Pope L.
M. Simon Levin + Laurie Long
Ed Marszewski
Helen Mirra
Trevor Paglen
Laurie Palmer
Laura Parnes
Mike Pearson
Adam Pendleton
Dan Peterman
Danica Phelps
Adrian Piper
J. Morgan Puett
Walid Raad
Renee Ridgway
Davy Rothbart
Gregory Sholette
Shahzia Sikander
Julianne Swartz
Christine Tarkowski
Tony Tassett
Temporary Services


Svetlana Alpers
Bill Brown
Tim Cresswell
James Elkins
Okwui Enwezor
Douglas Fogle
Anne Galloway
Mary Jane Jacob
Christine Kiaer
Michael Kimmelman
Timothy Murray
Sina Najafi
Saul Ostrow
Andrea Phillips
Jane Rendell
Larry Rinder
Michael Rush
Paul Schimmel
Rebecca Uchill
Lisa Wainwright
Hamza Walker
James Yood


06 Mariah Johnson -
06 Andy Ducett -
05 Nicholas Brown - (Ph.D candidate,
Department of Landscape Architecture, UIUC)
05 Rose Marshack - (CANVAS project,
Krannert Art Museum)
05 Katerie Gladdys - (Asst
Professor, University of Florida)
05 Jonas Downey - (Argonne National
05 Jennifer Danos - (Adjunct Faculty,
Minneapolis College of Art and Design)
05 Meredith Warner - (Adjunct Faculty,
Moore College of Art and Design)
04 Sarah Kanouse - (Asst Professor, Southern
Illinois State University)
04 Susanna Bluhm -
04 Sukja Kang Engles -
03 Anna Callahan -
03 Kariann Fuqua -
02 Sang-ah Choi -
02 Robert Horvath -
(Asst Professor, Eastern Illinois State University)
01 Scott Anderson -
00 Julie Farstad - (Asst
Professor, Kansas City Art Institute)
99 Kevin Kaempf -
97 Frank Magnotta -


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Art Graduate Student Organization

Grad Seminars:
Introduction to Theory and Practice -
Art Economies -
Mobile Mapping for Everyday Spaces -
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Walking as Making as Knowing (lecture series) -
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