BLOCK ROCKING BITS: Game Boy as musical instrument

spaceworks @ THE TANK presents: Block Rocking Bits

Block Rocking Bits is an event featuring leading practitioners in the underground Game Boy music micromovement, all of whom utilize the Nintendo Game Boy as principal musical instrument. Chicago's Mark DeNardo joins New York Game Boy musicians Nullsleep, Glomag, and Bit Shifter in a diverse exploration of the game platform as a musical instrument.

Each of the artists featured makes use of independently-produced custom software cartridges allowing the familiar handheld gaming device to be repurposed into a sequencer / synthesizer, revealing the seemingly limited platform to be an astonishingly robust musical tool. Collectively, the artists at Block Rocking Bits will provide a fascinating cross section of the nascent Game Boy music movement, already proving itself to be rich and varied, and drawing inspiration not only from video games and dance music but also from folk traditions, experimental soundscape exploration, punk rock, and other unexpected idioms.

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When: August 21, 2003 at 9.30pm

432 W. 42nd Street, Ground Floor (btwn 9/10 Avenues)

Subways:A,C,E to Port Authority; 1,2,3,9,N,R,Q,W to Times Square