interactive arts lectureship post

Hey all, and sorry for cross-posting.

I worked in this department (at the top University in Africa) as the
part-time core lecturer for over 3 years, but it seems timing has
worked against me - now that they have a full-time position, I'm
about to pursue my own advanced degree in Ireland. I HIGHLY recommend
considering this job - even if, rather than looking to settle here,
it's just an adventure in Africa for a couple of years (or if you
want some tenure-track, full-time experience). It's a very small
department - three full-time posts - and the interactive MA degree
would be yours to control, with about only 10 grad students per year
(the undergrad courses are new, so I'm not sure how those would run).
Christo, head of the division, is game for all types of
experimentation in practice and curricula, and a master at cutting
through red tape, alternative methods of presentation, and finding
funding and equipment - especially considering this is third world.

I've put a pdf of the post ad at -
and note that if you know any 3D-ers, there is also a post for them
(separate MA degree, in same department) ;)

Contact Christo, email address below, with any q's (and unofficial
ones can come to me, should you want a scoop). Best,


PS note that application deadline is a bit tight - 29 September



The successful candidate will be a producing artist working in the
area of interactive/digital arts.

Qualifications: MA, MFA, MPS, MSc or equivalent qualification.
Experienced with at least one interactive development environment and
qualified to teach creative web design and at least two of the
following: multimedia performance, video art, sound art or

Duties: Teach both production and theory to postgraduate and
undergraduate classes. Supervise postgraduate research projects,
collaborative exhibitions and assist with course administration.

For further information contact Professor Christo Doherty, Head of
Digital Arts, or visit

Renumeration: This is a tenure track position or can be a short-term
(two year) contract. A competitive package with excellent benefits
will be offered, dependent on qualifications and experience.
Appointment: Incumbents will be required to assume duty in January
2007, or as soon as possible.

To apply: Submit a covering letter and detailed CV with names
addresses and e-mail addresses of 3 referees, as well as certified
copies of degrees and identity document to - Molly Orr, Human
Resources Manager, Faculty of Humanities, University of the
Witwatersrand, Private Bag 3, WITS, 2050, South Africa.
Tel: +27 11 717 1411
Closing Date: 29 September 2006