reductionizer alpha v.004 -- html table art tool

The reductionizer was a software art project that has transformed into a ut=
ility for creating html art. It is windoze only right now but a mac version=
is planned. All alpha versions are available for download on the project p=

The reductionizer was spawned from an email conversation with artist Chris =
Ashley. Ashley has been using it make html drawings for his blog during the=
month of August and has been instrumental in testing and driving the featu=
re set.

The reductionizer allows you to edit and convert bitmap images to html tabl=
e layouts and provides for easy scaling of cells using sliders. It has a v=
ery reductionist lean to it, in that it is easy to reduce a photograph down=
to a more abstract lower resolution image. It exports to both graphic and =
html formats.

It can import bmp, jpg and gif files. It is set to output lossless 24 bit p=
ng files but jpeg and gif export are planned. It also has a component that =
randomly grabs photos from flickr from random wordlists sorted by interesti=

v.004 adds Undo funtionality with CTRL z, moves the eyedropper toggle from =
CTRL to the ALT key similar to photoshop and greatly improves the accuracy =
of the pencil tool.

Reductionizer Project Page

Look, See: Chris Ashley

Assorted Planned Features:
cut and pasting of table cells
layer window with ability to specify layer as a table or graphic with drag =
z sorting
support for css layers in export
selection tool
reduction of number of colors
specify URL for table background image and proper html export
better table optimization

Its in alpha so expect bugs but it works well enough to use. If you find bu=
gs please let me know or if you have ideas to contribute or want to be kept=
up to date with new updates, feel free to email me. If you make cool thing=
s with it feel free to let me know I will probably link to your work off th=
e project page. Enjoy!
Don Relyea