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The SUMMEr oF HTML!!!!!! tour --> BEIGe + paperrad.org

America's 2 favorite collectives / record lablels, paperrad.org + BEIGE Records are going on tour from August 2nd -14th. The tour is called "THE SUMMEr OF HTML" tour. We will come to your town and make the following happen:
HTML tutorials, Rave Djing, Video adventures, ACID HOUSE, Performance by the Extreme Animalz, Nintendo hacking tutorials, Audio rave nightmares, Dr-Doo, 8bit Construction Performance, Loud Rock Music, guitar solos, DJ Jazzy Jexx, Natural rephlex, GAME GENIE freakoutzz, distortion, and mailling lists with our favorite people on it!!

Please help and DONATE by clicking below and buying a wicked 3 color BEIGe silkscreen poster of SUPER MARIO CLOUDS!!!!!!!!!

The DONATE page is here:

Dates and locations R here:

Thankz and see you soon,
paperrad - http://www.paperrad.org
beige - http://www.post-data.org/beige/

ps - please feel free for forward…..