J Belmar

My world is internal. My experiences, feelings, and senses have a life of their own inside me.
I experience life very intensely. My art offers others a window into my internal world.
My internal world and, accordingly, my art is filled with colors, shadows,
transparencies, three-dimentionality, and opptical effects.

One objective of my work is to play with the multiple possibilities of materials and concepts.
I often use circular and curved shapes, as well as calligraphy. For me, the "circle with a center"
pattern is the basic structure of creation. It is reflected in both the micro and the macro world.
I have lived in many worlds and the caligraphy helps me to express that. The caligraphy
in my work is spontaneous, ironical, and not literal, even though there are some symbols that
are influenced by cartoons and comics.

As an artist, I am gratified when viewers are absorbed and bewildered by the color, depth,
and three-dimentionality of my work. Once my piece is framed, I love it when a finger fights the urge to
touch the surface, only to crash against the reality of the glass.