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Cary Peppermint : Conductor Performance : Portland, Maine

Cary Peppermint : Conductor Number 17 (lite)
With Eric Laperna & Carrye Castleman-Ross

Stillhouse Arts Theater
Monday July 14th, 2003
108 State Street, Portland, Maine
8 p.m. $5 suggested donation.
Call (207) 879-5498.

At precisely 10 p.m. on November 8, 2002, two men entered a converted warehouse at #56 Water Street, in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. " This is a technolecture, " they bellowed at the crowd. " This is an exposure. This is a seance. Now everyone, get down on the floor. " One of the men was Tarpigh's Eric LaPerna. He was helping the mastermind behind the whole operation, one Cary Peppermint. Surveillance devices were involved. Part of their mission statement: " We will set up conditions. However, we will maintain an openness toward negotiation. " Some sort of terrorist act? Only if you consider performance art an act of terrorism. This was " Conductor Number 17, Version 1.0, " part of a series Peppermint has been working on for the last few years. No one was hurt. Hopefully, they learned something. Made a mental or emotional connection. Peppermint is at the Stillhouse Studio Theatre tonight and who knows what he'll perpetrate on the unsuspecting crowd there. Opening for Peppermint is Sopium, a musical duo featuring LaPerna and Carrye Castleman-Ross.