Lancaster Film & New Media Festival

Lancaster Film & New Media Festival

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1) >>> Introduction

The Lancaster Film New Media Festival is a new event, which grew from a
pilot scheme held by the BEST centres in Lancaster last year.

2003's Festival planning has brought together key organisations in Lancaster
along with the City Council and secured additional funding and sponsorship.

This year's Festival is planned to be much bigger and will encompass the
whole of Lancashire and South Cumbria. The open regional submission was open
to all new and established filmmakers and new media producers working in the
field of the moving image.

Selected submissions from Lancashire and Cumbria are being screened in four
categories :

Short Animation
Short Fiction
New Media

With six new awards to be announced at the awards ceremony on Sunday 13th

An independent selection panel included Ian Aspin (421 Films)The Three Bears
(Bryony, Cadi & LinnheCatlow)Tom Holley
(Huddersfield New Media Centre).


2) >>> New Media

Alongside more traditional film making, artists and producers have been
using New Media techniques and technologies explore ways to manipulate and
show moving images.

This section of the Festival looks at the range of non-linear methods of
presentation, using computer interfaces and often online distribution to
bring a more cutting edge to the Festival.

New Media works will be shown at Folly throughout the Festival. You will
find a relaxed and informal atmosphere with help and a fresh cup of coffee
at hand whilst you browse many differing, experimental and playful works on

Installation work will aslo be shown within Storey Gallery - Saturday only.


3) >>> More films

Play Movie

Alongside the regional submissions, a call for an open submission of
National & International works
has brought an extra 50 submissions from across the globe.

Curated by Folly Director and Folly artist in residence Adinda van't
Klooster you will find works screened at the Dukes, in the various spaces
within Folly and an outdoor screening in the Storey Institute Garden.

Birds Eye View

5 of the best short films by emerging women filmmakers, is an Invisible
Films initiative, launched last November at the Curzon Cinema, Soho.

Frame by Frame

Frame by Frame demonstrates the vitality of video art in Croatia. The
quality and quantity of video production in Croatia, from its beginnings in
the late 60s till present, makes it one of the most vibrant countries for
video art in the region of South Eastern Europe.

A New Media Scotland touring video programme curated by Branko Franceschi.
Frame by Frame supported by Scottish Arts Council, Arts Council of England,
Croatian Film Clubs Association.


4) >>> And More Films


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