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Minor Adjustments July 12th

The Terpsichore Group invites you
to make some\
Minor Adjustments
Saturday July 12th


We bring you 2 rooms of live electronic music.djs.live visuals.interactive video installation art.performance @ a secure downtown loft location…….

With \

SUTEKH [Context.FM|Force Inc|Mille Plateaux|Background|Klangkreig|K20]
MURCOF [Context.FM|Leaf] - audiovisuals
SAFETY SCISSORS [Context.FM|Plug Research|Force Tracks]
EDIT [Planet Mu|Eraser]
EIGHT FROZEN MODULES [Planet Mu|Orthlorng Musork|Pthalo]
CYRUSREX + SQG [Negative 3] - audiovisuals
UNDO [cactusland]

TL SMITH - [E.L.M.|Revector]
DENNIS BUNTON - [Resonance Released]
KALIB- [Non-Stick Soundsystems]
SARIAH STORM - [Terpsichore]

check.the web site for full visual artist.music.performanc.event.line
up. …..


Get tickets@ www.groovetickets.com

$10 presale
$15 @ the door

do.not.miss ————\\\\\\\\\\

to joing the mailing list or submit work, please email infola@terpsichoregroup.org