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The future of the City Arts Centre, Dublin, Ireland

The Civil Arts Inquiry

The Civil Arts Inquiry is a defined period of strategic research into the development of a new identity for the City Arts Centre, Dublin which will also address wider community and arts sectors.

The Civil Arts Inquiry is based on the recognition that social and cultural needs change and that the means of meeting those needs also has to change. To achieve this the Inquiry is testing ideas and ways of working in support of wider participation and of access to the value of cultural production and experience.

The Civil Arts Inquiry will articulate a set of propositions for a new City Arts Centre, by the beginning of 2004, based on research, programming, publishing and communication essentially defining a set of new sustainable capacities, with a strong emphasis on new technologies and interactive art projects, which will rhyme with the evolving needs and aspirations of practitioners and communities, the arts sector and society as a whole. The new arts centre may or may not be building based, will have a strong nomadic element and a dynamic virtual presence.

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