Spamgraffiti named finalist in SXSW Web Awards. Please vote!


Exciting news came through the pipe last week.

My project "Spamgraffiti" has been named a finalist in the 2006 SXSW Web Awards (under the category of 'Experimental').

After being online for a year, Spamgraffiti has received and recorded close to 30,500 spam messages (that's about 2350 messages a month!) across all email accounts.

If you get the chance these next few weeks, jump on over to the SXSW site and vote for Spamgraffiti for the People's Choice Award. You can vote once a day until March 3rd!

Big shout out of thanks goes to for the residency, Josh Hamilton of for a ridiculously spammy email account, Matt Haughey for some spam love, and all the Viagra-mortgage-impotence-stock-quote spammers in the world. The project really wouldn't exit without their help.

So between now and March 3rd, whenever you receive a spam message in the inbox, remember "Hey, let's vote for that silly Spamgraffiti project for People's Choice at SXSW".



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