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it's YOUR art!

check it out!

Who's the Biggest Spazz?
download the spazz watcher, spazz out for a camera, and pics/high
score is uploaded.

Evaporating Haiku
write a haiku for everyone to watch float to heaven.

revised for interactivity. watch evolution, the competition for
survival, the dynamic landscape of infections.

it's YOUR art! make a web page, upload your art and go to the Plasma
site to add it. from there everyone can rank it (effects position
and visibility).

just added the ability for anyone to edit submissions (so if you
abuse it, anyone can fix it), and a thing that generates read-able
copies of the current server scripts for you. Plasma Studii is YOUR
site now. left a few pieces (including those above) uploaded, just
so it isn't empty. they'll gradually get replaced. add whatever you
want for people to come see, a gallery with an open door and free
walls. No membership, passwords or required fields. No ownership,
censorship, propriety. just what makes the web cool.


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