AVATARA : an avatar documentary

Announcing the release of a new feature-length machinima documentary by the 536 arts collective (in Vancouver, Canada). It is called AVATARA. AVATARA profiles the many strange and wonderful people who (literally) inhabit an online voice-chat 3D space "Digitalspace Traveler". All the interviews were filmed entirely in-world in this once groundbreaking, 10-year old program. We hear the personal ruminations of rabbits, pharaohs, seahorses, giraffes, the grim reaper, flowers, guitars, trolls etc, hailing from the southern USA, Newfoundland, Britain and Australia. AVATARA will be premiered on Friday May 9, 2003 at Centre A in Vancouver.

For more information about AVATARA, or to obtain copies of the DVD please contact:
jerturner536@yahoo.ca or donatomancini@fivethreesix.com
see also: www.centrea.org