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my present energy to update http://newmediakitchen.com in order to display more of my lite photographies as multimedia art works is continuing… they are all produced and have been presented in togetherness of samples of new music and modern dance as elements of interdiscipinary and experimental lines. for the moment as more multi media involvements on the new technologies like computer virtualities
digital or experimental sounds in the cyberspace, lite photographies within the web embeddings a search of cyberspace multi media environmental construction being knitted with certain struggles of not letting personal individualisms fade away while doing net art are kindly being tried getting put together… furthermore as supporting intellectual arguments of the past decades on how to make new art dealing with new technologies and their specificly self induced miraculous pop environments versus the creative insights of artists are taking a major space within the content of my web surroundings as on the spot sources of contemporary conroversial arguments in situ… such contents spiced with extraordinary and amazing new hyperlink modes of dialogues techniques, i am hoping to continue for some more trials maybe with in situ workshop pluralisms under the less knowlegdable cyber circumstances of newmediakitchen.com