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eNarrative 5 - conference

WHAT IS eNarrative 5?

Held in conjunction with the Boston Cyberarts Festival, eNarrative 5 is the fifth of a series of conferences produced by Eastgate Systems. While under the rubric of narrative, the conference is hardly confined to it; eNarrative is an interdisciplinary gathering of dynamic creatives - software designers, new media artists, filmmakers, writers, critics and scholars - assembling to explore and advance the art of interaction. It is not the typical long slate of lectures and sales presentations, but rather an intensive weekend of intellectual and aesthetic stimulation, devoted to investigating new developments in the electronic arts and their applications to business, personal growth and the work-in-progress known as culture.



Weblogs: The electronic world as performance space.

Interaction design, information architecture and 'information farming'.

Serial art and literary hypertext .


Based in Watertown, Eastgate Systems has gained renown as an innovative software developer and publisher of original hypertexts.


eNarrative conferences draw people from all over the world, including some of the pioneering developers of hypertext and weblog technologies. It is a weekend of cross-pollination: the world of tech gets fertilized by the artistic mind, and vice-versa.

Amongst our attendees:

Dave Winer - weblog pioneer and Harvard Fellow

Mark Bernstein - creator of Tinderbox, brainstorming software

George Fifield - founder/director Boston Cyberarts Festival

Bob Stein - founder of Voyager

Meg Hourihan - author of We Blog

George P. Landow - author of Hypertext 2.0

Plus some of the most progressive players in the fusion of art and technology.


Eastgate hopes to facilitate the process whereby the enormous talent, energy and innovation, sideswiped by the Internet crash, gets redirected toward a better and stronger digital society.

In contemporary culture the most exciting work often emerges from the fuzzy edges of genres, where narrative meets the visual and the sonic; where performance goes virtual; where theory looks like art; where code transcends itself and spawns new reality. eNarrative 5 will probe the frontiers of self-expression, scholarship, digital 'content' and communal connectivity, looking for new models with which culture can reinvent itself.


The conference takes place on the weekend of May 10/11, at the Hotel @ MIT (20 Sidney Street, Cambridge).

Saturday 9- 2:30 at the Hotel @ MIT, with a session open to the public at the Boston Public Library from 3-5pm. Sunday 10-4 at the Hotel @ MIT.

More Information?

* Boston Cyberarts Festival is an international biennial celebrating cutting-edge artists working with new technologies in all media.The Festival is a major cultural event that highlights Massachusetts' digital and high technology industries' contribution to the creation of world class visual and performing arts. It includes exhibitions of visual arts; music, dance, and theatrical performances; interactive video and telerobotics; educational programs, lecture/demonstrations and symposia.