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diSTILLation and More, video work

diSTILLation and more

Kl 20, Lordag 12:e april pa Fylkingen

diSTILLation and more visar video direkt fran New York, bl.a. ett nytt verk av William Pope.L, deltagare i Whitney Biennalen 2002, och verk av Walter Wright som var Assistant Director pa Kitchen under 70-talet och ar expert pa Paik/Abe videosynthesizer.

arr: Lydia Grey och Sachiko Hayashi
Fylkingen (Munchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, T-bana: Mariatorget)

diSTILLation and more shows two independent video programmes, each featuring a specific major tendency in latest video art.

The first programme diSTILLation , curated by Lydia Grey, features nine video works by ten contemporary artists in USA. Each piece has a performative element, a use of the body, as an integral part of the work. Through private performances for camera only or through public events where video is one element in an audience, in the works of diSTILLation the body performs simultaneously with and for the camera.

The second programme and more consists of 6 video works by 4 participants at the 7th Not Still Art Festival, an annual international video screening festival in New York sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts. By utilising his/her unique background as film-maker, fine artist, trance VJ, etc., each individual artist of and more has chosen to work in a form where the integration and interaction between non-narrative visual elements and various sounds/music through high use of technology is of highest priority in creation of video art.

April 12, 8 PM
venue: Fylkingen (Munchenbryggeriet, Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, underground station: Mariatorget)

curated and organized by Lydia Grey and Sachiko Hayashi


Darrell Wilson: Arc for Raquaan, 2002
Dawn Auvgne: Going Through the Motions, 2000
Heather Freeman: Erste Woken auf Himmel des jungen Gluecks, 1999
Clifford Owens & Young W. Lee: Dress You Up In My Love, 2002
Jim Jeffers: Reentry Vehicles, 2001
Michael Maxwell: Exhibition and Burning of Paintings, 1999
Wayne Hodge: untitled, 2002
William Pope.L: Syllogism, 2002
Lydia Grey: Bath, 2002

and more

Daina Krumins: Summer Light, 2001
Walter Wright: Variations, 2002
Walter Wright: Kamloopsloops, 2001
Nicholas Economos: Forty-Fives, 2001
Nicholas Economos: Flutter, 2001
Aix Battoe: Dream of the Jinni, 2002


ARC FOR RAQUAAN by Darrell Wilson
Darrell Wilson