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8th Bandits-Mages : european multi-media art festival, forum for students and independant artists - Call for entry

Hello !
Bandits-Mages organizes it's 8th festival from the 10th to the 14th of december 2003 in Bourges - France.

The Bandits-Mages festival aims to promote and diffuse young contemporary creation in the domain of multimedia art.

International multimedia art student forum
At the heart of the festival, Bandits-Mages presents a student selection of videos, cinema, DVDs, CD-ROMs, websites, installations and performances, in the form of big screen projections and exhibitions in different cultural spaces in the town of Bourges. The students are invited to the festival, a space for exchanges and meetings with other artists and professionals.

Thematic programme\_
At each festival, Bandits-Mages develops a historic and contemporary axis for its programme, that corresponds to a strong theme. This year the festival is entering into a new relationship with the town. This implantation of the festival in the urban network contributes to the content of the project and places