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Announcing Re-Code.com [a collaboration between Carbon Defense League and Conglomco]


March 18, 2003

Announcing Re-Code.com

Re-Code Your Own Price!

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RE-CODE.COM is a free web service that allows its customers to share product information and create barcodes that can be printed and used to re-code items in stores by placing new labels over existing UPC symbols to set a new price - participating in an act of tactical shopping. RE-CODE.COM at its core is a shared database, updateable by our customers. Participation is free and requires no special membership agreements or software download. After entering the website, customers can choose to search and view information in our database currently or add their own collected data to the system. Using our custom Barcode Generator application, barcodes are drawn in real time and made available to the user.

If you like to save money, you've come to the right place! Our unique process of shared database building based on preshopping, recoding, and postshopping, enables you to pay only what you are willing to for the name brand products you want. In the process, we save our customers millions and millions of dollars! Here's the inside scoop on how our revolutionary 'Re-Code Your Own Price' service works.

Our customers and community members, travel to their local chain stores to collect information about the products the stores carry, when possible noting major brands and their generic equivalents. Using our convenient downloadable Data Collection Sheets, RE-CODE.COM customers are able to easily note UPC ID number, name, product packaging, and price. This information can then be easily added to the RE-CODE.COM supercomputer to help build a shared database. The process of adding original item UPC's and prices to RE-CODE.COM is known as postshopping. Postshopping is critical in building a large database of products for each area of the country. A database which is both ours and yours!

It's a simple concept, but by recoding a product's original UPC barcode with another item sold at the same store's code, and with a much more acceptable price, enables tremendous savings for you the customer. By planning your store purchases in advance, and logging on to our website, you can engage in the process of preshopping. Preshopping's value is determined by you the customer, as you search our database for the prices you want to pay at the stores you plan to shop at. Be sure to take note of packaging materials for each product to make the recoding process simpler. Either generate product barcodes on the fly using our custom Barcode Generator application, view search results and cut, copy, and paste resulting barcodes into any graphical layout utility, or find a Pre-formatted Barcode Sheet for a store near you. After locating the codes you want in one of these three ways, simply print your barcodes at home onto label paper available at most office supply or electronics stores and cut out your codes in preparation for re-coding. We encourage our customers to re-code brand name items with generic item codes. Through this process, the customer pays a more reasonable price for what is a quite similar product. It is best to make only slight adjustments such as these to avoid the notice of our competitors - the chain stores and the major brands they carry.

Checking out is simple. Many stores even offer self scanning checkouts. This is of course the easiest way to scan your re-coded items undetected. In situations where this is not available, cashiers will assist you through their workplace boredom by only listening for a beep as they scan your item rather than noticing the product name which their register might display. Again, if recoding brand name products using their generic equivalents' UPC codes, it is likely that the registers product name displays will not appear all that different. In one test, both Kellog's Frosted Flakes ($3.39 US) and Better Valu Sugar Frosted Flakes ($1.69 US) appear with the word Flakes in their name at the register. This helps the cashier to remain focused on the beep rather than the product name as they scan away your savings. Of course, this requires some flexibility on your part, but this is what allows you to save up to 40% on brand-name products every day.

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* We in no way endorse the theft of products or services. Re-code.com was created as satire. We intend only to make aware the prevelance of barcodes and begin a critical discussion about what their pervasiveness means. This is not a product designed to be used in any malicious or illegal manner. Any such use is strictly prohibited. You should not use any of the barcodes available from this site for any illegal activity. They are here for your amusement only.