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Re:curt cloninger

to be aware is to be alive. keeping the information balance as active as possible (by wearing an anti-war t-shirt, handing out fliers, or even posting your sentiments on the net) has more potential/eventual impact than we can imagine here and now. multi-national conglomerate culture gone unchecked in the "peace" aspects of our awareness, constrains us to depend on the immense monstrosity of the media (read:medea) and its ability to keep us "doped-up" and contented not to be aware of wars (not to mention active in opposition,i.e., ruanda, mozambique, indonesia, philipines,etc.) that do not immediately affect us but may affect their "global economy".
if, even involuntarily, we have been made citizens of a global community, we are thereby made aware that there is an endless global war being waged as was declared by the elder "bush man" at the threshold of the first gulf war: "this is the beginning of a new world order".