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Opening Reception - info@blah: overload and organization

Hello all,

We would like to invite you to the opening reception for "info@blah: overload
and organization", an exhibit curated by Pirun and Kanarinka of iKatun and presented in conjunction with the Boston CyberArts Festival.
"info@blah: organization and overload" is an exhibit of regional and
international artists working in media from drawing to video to installation
to net.art that explores systems-making as a response to information overload.

The opening reception will be held at the Mills Gallery at the Boston Center
for the Arts from 6PM - 8PM on Thursday March 20th.

Our online exhibit and net.art gallery can be found here:


We are proud to present cutting-edge work by the following artists:

Angie Waller, CA, Book
Anna Shapiro, MA, Installation
Anouk De Clerq, Belgium, Video Installation
Baron Von Berg, CT, Computer Installation
Clover Archer, NY, Drawing
Guy Marsden, ME, Electronic Sculpture
Joseph Smolinski, CT, Solar-powered Installation
Natalie Loveless, MA, Installation
lia, Austria, net.art
Nicolas Clauss, France, net.art
Remo Campopiano, Guy Marsden & Jon Schull, New England, Interactive Sculpture Nicolas Knight, NY, Drawing/Painting Rachel Egenhofer, CA, Installation/WebCam
Stanza, England, net.art
Tohru Kanayama, CA, Digital Print
Marek Walczak & Martin Wattenberg, NY & MA, net.art
Victor Liu, NY, software/net.art
dextro, Austria, net.art

We hope to see you there - Best wishes from two frazzled curators,

kanarinka & pirun