keywords: hermeneutic design-process. counter-patriarchal technovision. disrespect towards agreed form and interaction.

robert ek 20030214

Tinsel-o-matic is produced inside my project "Collectors Item Super Turbo 2003" (CIST2003).

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CIST explores the possibilities to create a synthesis or relation between human-sciences and the design practice.

My work focuses on objects and my question is whether qualities that attaches us to the objects that is out of there actual user-purpose is possible to "collect" and incorporate in a design-process. As a limitation I have emphasized my studies on three interviews with three different collectors: Charlotte, Isabelle and Morgan. I have directed myself to collectors because they in an obvious way are attached to objects in a non-purposed way. My work does, in other words, not deal with collectors, but whith their articulated fascination towards specific objects and their qualities.

The interviews where taped on video. In my continued work with the videos I have strived to to read the material hermeneutically. My intention is to have an emphasis on an understanding that embraces the story, it