Live media performance

Live sound/video/action
oVMMO ovidiometamorphoseon

Livorno, Italy
Sala Dopolavoro Ferroviario Cecina
February 13, 2003 at 21,30
Lucca, Italy 2002

x every work at least a space for the unknown
x planning interactive contexts
x any kind of space: inner, external, scenic, synthetic, digital, for museums
x emotional advanced operations
x GiacomoVerde(Giac), MarcoSodini, MassimoMagrini(BadSector),MauroLupone, AlessandraGiuntoni
x analogical-digital creativity emerging expert ensemble
x live performance oVMMO - ovidiometamorphoseon
x performable installation INSIDE with SNOW
x inventing your name

"So it will never cease one thing from the other to grow: life is not given as a dominion to anyone, but rather given on loan to everyone