Cary Peppermint - Performance - Condcutor Number Seventeen

For Immediate Release

An evening with Performance Artist Cary Peppermint as he presents a raw, improvisational and "lite" version release of "Conductor Number Seventeen" the latest in his ongoing series of performances or "Technolectures."

Saturday February 8th, 2003, 10PM - $5.00 Admission
Collective Unconscious, 145 Ludlow Street, NYC - 212.254.5277

Conductor Number Seventeen is Cary Peppermint's latest version in a continuing series of multi-media performances first conceived by the artist for "PORT", a pioneering exhibition of new media technologies and online strategies initiated by Artnetweb at the MIT List Visual Arts Center in January of 1997. Peppermint's Conductor performances deal directly and brazenly with issues of mediation by incorporating live video/surveillance technology that requires viewers to observe in simultaneity the actual performance event and the real-time (live) approximation of that event. In Conductor performances Peppermint engages multiple technologies to deliver his own discourse of spoken language and techno-music that he terms "Technolectures." Through both high & low-tech devices including halogen work-lamps, laptop computers, and even a ukulele, Peppermint questions the effectiveness, potential and the necessity of the "live" performer.

Past performances have included varied performance-art "jam-sessions" including Peppermint conducting his techno-lectures from the confines of a pine-box for Conductors Number One and Nine and sealing himself off completely in an 14 by 14 room for "Conductor Number Zero."

"I like to consider the invention of the phonograph and its early alternate label of 'ghost-box.' The 'ghost-box' produced voices from people who did not exist… at least in physical presence. To reproduce the 'live' event is to be involved with the work of the 'dead', the very act of (media) entombment.